New Sheepskin Boots - Not a scam

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i ordered uggs off of and after reading reviews i started to doubt the site, but no worries i have my boots now and they are real.but it did take a while to get them even though they were on "express" international.

so definatly safe, just make sure u keep bothering them until you get a tracking number so you can see where your boots are.

they were slightly sketchy of course but in the end im happy.though be careful when ordering, there is a surprise $22 shipping fee and there is no way to choose anyother type of shipping.



I ordered from this site and they are fake uggs!!!!!!


Total scam.I got the boots, they were the UGG chestnut shorts.

The fleece started pulling away three days in and when I looked inside them they said they were Talls!

Looks to me like they cut the boots down and didn't leave enough room to sew the fleece.Do not buy from this site.

to Anna Salinas, California, United States #607935

Same thing happened to me! Exactly the same deal and of course they are in China so you can't get a hold of anyone to get your money or to exchange. My advise, buy them from Ugg.


You must be blind then, because I ordered UGGS from that site and they are FAKE!!!


I received the boots I ordered on Nov 30 on Jan 4th. They are not real Ugg boots, you can tell because they do not have a holograph seal on the box.

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